Main photo CoinMD the Bitcoin of HealthCare Invitation!

CoinMD the Bitcoin of HealthCare Invitation!

  • By Neno

New Cryptocurrency for Healthcare

As healthcare costs skyrocket, CoinMD offers a new solution for retirees


INTERNET - Everyone's talking about Bitcoin and Ether, after the recent surge in value of those digital currencies. They can now be used to buy everything from consumer electronics to soccer tickets.

But a second wave of digital currencies aims to modernize specific sectors that rely on outdated systems and business models.

One new entry is CoinMD: a blockchain-based smart currency that provides an alternate way to pay for healthcare. CoinMD also enables consumers to secure and monetize their healthcare records, and lightens the burden of data-entry from healthcare professionals.

Why is CoinMD necessary?

To answer that question, CoinMD today published a comprehensive white paper on the coming global crisis in healthcare titled How Will You Pay for Your Healthcare After You Retire?

This extensive, well-researched document lays out how healthcare in America is facing a Perfect Storm that will challenge any retiree to pay for their future care. Among the gathering storm clouds:

  • An aging population, with millions of Baby Boomers reaching their 70s
  • Healthcare costs rising at an unsustainable rate, far faster than inflation
  • The loss of traditional safe-haven investments like real estate and gold
  • Depreciating currencies that erode retirement savings
  • Precarious social programs like Social Security and Medicaid that will have to become less generous

The white paper spells out how this crisis will affect people of every age: Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials alike.

Then it outlines CoinMD as a healthcare-specific smart currency that will drive a membership network linking selected healthcare providers with consumers. Discounts on group purchases, coin rewards for members, and the expected appreciation of the cryptocurrency will combine to make healthcare more affordable.

"Most people heading into retirement don't have enough saved to cover their future healthcare," declares CoinMD founder and CEO Thomas E. McMurrain. "We all want a comfortable retirement, but I'm afraid many will not enjoy one. Our healthcare system is heading into the Perfect Storm. So, the goal of CoinMD is to give people a perfect hedge against the perfect storm."

CoinMD uses highly secure blockchain technology to enable payments and encrypt patients' health records. This gives patients control over their medical data and allows for secure transactions with doctors and insurance providers, from an electronic wallet purpose-designed for healthcare.


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About CoinMD

CoinMD, Inc. is a private membership network designed to make healthcare more affordable. Linking world-class healthcare providers with an active pool of consumers, CoinMD uses the buying power of the network to negotiate deals that lower costs for members. The network also enables members to earn CoinRewards by making insurance payments on time, using in-network health and wellness providers, and sharing CoinMD with other people.

CoinMD uses a new cryptocurrency powered by a secure blockchain and designed to gain value over time, instead of losing value like national currencies. Anyone of any age. Seniors, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, or Millennials can join CoinMD to benefit from lower costs today and a more secure retirement tomorrow.