M92-FS Tranquilizer Pistol


The Beretta 92F was the standard sidearm of special operations group FOXHOUND. It served as Solid Snake's weapon of choice during Operations Intrude N313 and F014, procured on-site in Outer Heaven and Zanzibar Land, respectively.This version of the pistol had been modified to fire anesthetic rounds instead of actual bullets, making it a non-lethal alternative weapon ideal for the NGO's sneaking missions (where casualties were not an option). The M9 had an attached sound suppressor, as well as a visible laser sight and tritium-illuminated 3-dot iron sights, making it ideal for both keeping a low profile and making precision shots, even in low-light environments. In addition, its anesthetic rounds were also powerful enough to it to affect the target upon contact within seconds, and can last for hours, although the exact time in tens of seconds it needs to take effect will vary depending on the body part it makes contact with, and could even knock out an elephant should the tranquilizers make contact with it. A downside to this, however, was that it required manual reloads every time a tranquilizer round was fired, as the slide locks after each shot.
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